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The first step in building your marketing strategy is to know who it is you’re marketing to. Doing so ensures that your marketing efforts are focused, and as a result, you’ll be getting the return on investment that you’re after.

One common way to go about this is to create a buyer persona. By creating a buyer persona, you can be sure that you’re marketing to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Otherwise, your marketing strategy is pretty much the equivalent of a man on a box yelling through a megaphone at random people on the street.


Think about what you’d like your ideal customer to look like. Start getting granular and create a list of demographics that your customer falls into. Responsive Inbound Marketing recommends these major questions you should ask yourself about your target customer when outlining a buyer persona:

  • Location: Where do they live?
  • Excluding Location: Where do they not live?
  • Age: What is the age range?
  • Gender: What is their gender?
  • Interests: What are their interests?
  • Education Level: What is their education level?
  • Job Title: What fields of work do your customers work in, and what types of job titles do they carry?
  • Income Level: What is their income range?
  • Relationship Status: What is their relationship status?
  • Language: What languages do they speak?
  • Favourite Websites: Why types of websites do they frequent?
  • Buying Motivation: What are their reasons for buying your product?
  • Buying Concerns: What are their concerns when buying your product?

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